Sunday, September 5, 2010

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Friday, August 27, 2010


Today is D-Day, Delivery Day..

...the truck arrives today, and today is my last day to get everything, even the samll annoying stuff into a box or the trash. 

I'm making a run to the dump this morning, to get rid of the big undesirables.  So glamorous I know. 

I also can't sleep, however surprisingly I am able to survive on the little sleep I am getting since my brain will not turn off.  Too many things to think about.  But this is it.  If it's not packed by today, it may not be going.

Tomorrow the men from church come over to pack up the truck.  I'm sending Dave away to pick up his friend from the airport so he won't be tempted to help.  Like he did Tuesday night, when they came over to take down the trampoline and play structure, and he spent the next two days exhausted and in pain.  Yep, no repeats of that happenin'.

My hope is to get everything into the garage tonight, and then tomorrow morning open it up, and let the loading begin.  I hope it all fits, I hope they do a great job packing (as Dave is the super packer, and unable to resume is normal activities).  I hope it goes quickly, and is painless as possible. I hope.

Tomorrow afternoon it will be over, I will spend that evening preparing myself and crew for our two day drive to our new home.  I am so looking forward to that drive. 

Wish me luck, it's all about today!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Countdown is on...

The moving truck comes on Friday
We pack on Saturday
We leave on Sunday
We arrive at our new home Monday night
The boys start school on Tuesday

and as of next week..  will become:
I'll continue to post on both blogs for awhile, but you can start using the new one right away!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I had to share...

I had to share these adorable pics, because, well, they're just too cute not too.



Last school year, my dear friend Shauna and I swapped kids twice a week. One Tuesday she would watch my little miss Natalie, and Mr Caleb while I had a few hours of mommy time, and then on Wednesday I would watch her two sweet kiddos Ella & Ty while she helped in the classroom. The next week we'd switch it up, and she'd have mommy time, and I'd help in the classroom. It was a wonderful set-up, and it was perfect that the boys were the same age, as well as our little girls. (and we got to spend time with our older boys Josh & Jake while helping in their 1st grade class)

I will miss her sweet friendship and all the wonderful things I've learned from her. I will miss our kiddos playing together, and I will miss these silly little girls.

(thank you Shauna, for taking these cute pictures, and for everything, we'll miss you guys so much)

Monday, August 9, 2010

Birthday Memories


And that evening my sweet hubby and I enjoyed a date night and yummy food, Chicken Fried Steak (another big fave), and then feasted on yummy Rasberry Cheesequake Ice Cream Cake (love raspberries) for dessert at home with the kiddos and parents (thanks again for watching my little loves)

Simple and Sweet, my favorite!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Beautiful Beach Day!!


So I'm not exactly sure what has been up with the weather this summer on the coast. 

We began with drizzly mornings followed by cloudy cool afternoons... July we had a few days where the sun peeked out of the clouds just enough to feel it, but was sadly followed by more overcast days...

...August started with cloudy mornings, and at least warmer afternoons, but heavy cloud cover.. was beautiful, I was skeptical as I drove through fog to get to the beach, but by late afternoon the clouds lifted, and I saw the pretty blue sky, and the lovely warm sun... it's not suppose to last, as it is suppose to cool down as the weekend approaches.  But I'm OK having a warm 70's day, mixed in with my normal cloudy 60's because I saw and felt the sun today.  Woo Hoo!!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

COMIC-C0N 2010

A day after beach camping we cleaned ourselves up and headed down to San Diego for Comic-C0n 2010.  We parked near the airport and took the trolley which drops you off right in front of the convention center, so nice..

We made our way through all the booths, and the kids faves to see all the new Leg0 and H@sbro toys coming out this fall, a chance to play games that haven't yet been released, check out new movies coming out, and get tons of freebies.  Plus who doesn't love hundreds of crazy people dressed up as their favorite movie/comic book character?

We took the trolley down two stops and enjoyed lunch at Kansas City BBQ.  Evidently this is where the wild bar scene from TopGun was filmed in 1985, wow do I feel old, I love that movie, a classic.  The food was delish, and prepared us to finish up at the Con.  The boys each spent their money, and some of ours on toys and memorabilia, and we got out right before closing.

Afterwards we took the trolley back to the car, dropped off Dave at the airport to make another trek to WA (this time he found us a house) and made our way back to Grandma & Grandpa's to pick up Miss. Natalie.

(sorry for yet another crazy collage)
comic-c0n 2010